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    Priyanshi Bansal

    “Before we write love letters to others, we need to write one to ourselves.”


Learning to Love

I want you to think of 5 people you love. (Pause)

Does the list have your name?


Before we write love letters to others,

I think we need to write one to ourselves.


So, I took myself on a date to the beach,

where I first met the love of my life.

Bought myself flowers to make myself smile.


At a distance stood windmills that I never noticed before.

Even during a storm,

when the strong winds came down

trying to blow the trees, the shacks away

the windmills stood, with their blades spinning.

"How do they turn a breeze

into something so electrifying?" I ask.


I could feel the storm inside me,

pulsing new energy in my soul.

I let the winds of doubt pass through me,

churning them into something of true value.

A lesson that the windmills taught me.

It's time I stop taking

my magnanimous potential for granted and

start believing in the power of being gentle to oneself.


So the next time you think of those you truly love,

I hope you don't miss out on the most precious of all.


About Priyanshi Bansal
Priyanshi Bansal writes and performs with love, for love. She has also written poetry for big names in the Hindi cinema industry, such as Shweta Tripathi, Vidhya Balan, Shefali Shah, and Dia Mirza.