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Deepak Yadav

Deepak Yadav

Senior Programme Lead

An engineer by education and experience, Deepak works on the sustainability analysis of low carbon and renewable technologies for industrial decarbonisation. At The Council, his work involves developing a roadmap for hard-to-decarbonise industrial sectors, engaging with industry partners on carbon mitigation strategies and supporting policy-making with insightful analysis.

Deepak is currently focussing on alternative fuels, renewable hydrogen and low-carbon energy sources such as natural gas for mitigating industrial emissions. His research involves technology assessment and forecasting, economic analysis and life cycle assessment of competing technologies for enabling transition in the industrial sector. Prior to joining the Council, he worked as a project engineer in the conceptualisation-to-commissioning of a megawatt-scale concentrated solar power (CSP) plant.

Deepak holds a doctorate and a Master’s degree, both from the Department of Energy Science and Engineering, IIT Bombay. He is also a BEE certified energy auditor. He is a seasoned researcher and has published his research in leading international journals and conferences. His areas of interest include industrial sustainability, renewable energy, alternative fuels, and the power sector.

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