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CEEW and the United Nations Foundation are excited to introduce the Next Generation India Fellowship as part of UN Foundation’s Our Future Agenda program and CEEW’s focus on building careers in public policy.

Launched on the sidelines of India's G20 Presidency, this unique two-year fellowship is specifically designed to empower India's most promising young leaders under the age of 30 to shape the future of their nation and the world, working closely with the Global Next Generation Fellows. It aims to unlock original, maverick and substantive ideas from the youth of India for a sustainable future.

Next Generation India Fellows will have the chance to engage with and learn from global leaders, policymakers, and influencers, gaining unparalleled insights into the processes that shape world affairs. The fellowship provides robust support in the form of mentorship, skill-building workshops, and networking opportunities, all geared towards helping Fellows hone their leadership skills and amplify their impact.

Guided by experienced mentors, the Fellows will gain a deeper understanding of policy-making, strategic planning, and global diplomacy. They will also have the opportunity to present their innovative ideas at global forums, thus influencing key global discussions and decisions.

The Next Generation India Fellowship is not just a learning experience, it's a platform to transform global leadership and mark a positive difference in the world.

Why the Next Generation India Fellowship?

India is the world's most populous country, with more than half of its population under the age of 30. As a young country, this puts India in a unique position to influence the future on a global level. With the Next Generation India Fellowship, we aim to provide young Indian changemakers a global platform to voice their ideas and influence key discussions across the international system.

Next Generation India Fellows are an integral part of a dynamic and energetic cohort of young leaders who are igniting discussions centered around India's G20 theme of "One Future." These exceptional individuals are at the forefront of championing the cause of 21st-century multilateralism, driving forward a vision of collaboration, inclusivity, and progress. Their contributions are instrumental in building a prosperous and inclusive society, ensuring that the aspirations of future generations are met with optimism and resolve.

The influence of Next Generation India fellows extends far beyond the duration of their fellowship. As they actively engage in meaningful conversations, they inspire and empower others to join the movement towards a brighter future. Their leadership is not only impactful in the present, but it also leaves a lasting legacy, shaping the trajectory of India's progress for years to come.



Global Cooperation

Focussing on leveraging global systems to address universal challenges facing young people in India and other countries and identifying opportunities to strengthen Global South leadership. Representing the Next Generation India Fellows and the gender equality thematic role, the Next Generation Lead Fellow will engage with this theme.

Public Health

Focusing on India's evolving public health landscape, aiming to emphasise preventative measures, health education, and the integration of technology within healthcare solutions.

Sustainable Cities

Re-imagining India's urban spaces focusing on transforming cities into more inclusive, resilient, safe, and eco-friendly habitats.

New Technologies

Evaluating how India's technology advancements can be deployed responsibly, inclusively, and sustainably with a focus on innovation.

Culture & Communities

Delving into the power of art and culture from India's local communities to help shape a resilient, inclusive, and vibrant India by 2100.

Gender Equality

Address persistent gender disparities and supporting the empowerment of young girls and women to ensure a more equitable society.

Future of the Workforce

Exploring how India can prepare its rapidly growing young population for the evolving demands of the future, taking into account economic growth, technological disruption and the global labor market.

Affordable & Clean Energy

Exploring the intersection of energy access and climate change focusing on solutions to achieve an equitable and just energy transition.


Reimagining sustainable marine and coastal ecosystem management focusing on reducing risks, building resilience and improving security, in tandem with national priorities and global treaties.


How to Collaborate with Our Fellows

Partners can play an invaluable role in supporting our fellows and contributing to their mission. Here are some of the ways you can get involved:

  • Share Knowledge: Provide insights and expertise related to your field. This can help our fellows gain a broader understanding of challenges and potential solutions.
  • Offer Resources: If you have resources that could assist in the fellows' projects, consider offering them. This could include technologies, research materials, or access to facilities.
  • Mentorship: Share your experiences and wisdom by mentoring a fellow. This can greatly aid their personal and professional growth.
  • Networking Opportunities: Help our fellows expand their professional network by connecting them to potential collaborators, sponsors, or thought leaders in your field.
  • High-Level Advocacy: Work with fellows to amplify key messages and push for change during influential moments across the UN and the international system.
  • Intergenerational Research and Dialogues: Invite leaders and experts across your network to join research and dialogue sessions across generations, bridging the gap between knowledge and experiences to tackle complex challenges.

Note: Applications for the Next Generation India Fellowship are now closed.