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Sustainable Food Systems

Sustainable Food Systems

The Sustainable Food Systems team works to transform India’s agro-food system on three fronts: What does India eat? How does India produce what it eats? How does food reach consumers from producers? Driven by the vision ‘30-30-30 by 2030’, it aims to catalyse India’s food systems transition by:

  • shifting 30 per cent of the food demand to sustainable diets and healthy diets 
  • shifting 30 per cent of producers to sustainable approaches
  • shifting 30 per cent value addition in food to sustainable and inclusive supply chains

To enable India to take informed, concerted and timely action towards driving these shifts, the team would focus on addressing the biggest gaps on the following fronts:

 a) Data and evidence: Enable effective decision making by generating context specific data, suitable indicators and easy-to-use analytical tools

 b) Strategy: Devise pathways for food system transformation and undertake pilot interventions to inform scale-up

 c) Narrative and coalitions: Support key influencers to become champions of the transition and catalyse collaborations to implement transformation pathways

  • <5 million

    of all Indian farmers have adopted most of the sustainable agriculture practices and many are practised by <1 per cent.

    Source: CEEW analysis
  • 0.8%

    of India’s agriculture budget is allocated for sustainable agriculture promotion.

    Source: CEEW analysis
  • INR 2,154 crore

    can be saved in fertiliser subsidies annually with a complete shift to ZBNF and with no use of chemical inputs in Andhra Pradesh.

    Source: CEEW analysis


  • CEEW and NRDC’s report captures a new dimension in accurately assessing manpower requirements in the solar and wind domain. The report builds on earlier studies on the subject, considering national objectives to meet INDC commitments. It makes the path of Skill Council for Green Jobs more clear and visible in terms of capturing the opportunity of employability in solar and wind domain.

    Rajiv Kumar

    Vice Chairman, NITI Aayog