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The Renewables team supports India’s - and the world’s - clean energy transition. It does so through timely, research-based interventions based on extensive policy, regulatory, and market analyses. The team also assesses, through surveys, India’s renewable energy jobs potential and skills requirement, the risks facing renewable energy investments, and designing strategic financial mechanisms to address the identified risks.

  • 7 times

    more jobs to be created by the rooftop solar segment as compared to ground-mounted utility scale solar
    Source: CEEW analysis
  • 75%

    of the cost of solar power could be due to the cost of finance
    Source: CEEW analysis, 2016
  • 1.3 million

    estimated jobs created by the solar and wind sector by 2022, if India realises its 175 GW target.
    Source: CEEW analysis
  • CEEW and NRDC’s report captures a new dimension in accurately assessing manpower requirements in the solar and wind domain. The report builds on earlier studies on the subject, considering national objectives to meet INDC commitments. It makes the path of Skill Council for Green Jobs more clear and visible in terms of capturing the opportunity of employability in solar and wind domain.

    Praveen Saxena

    CEO, Skill Council for Green Jobs

  • CEEW has been a trusted resource partner for the advances made by the International Solar Alliance. Their independent analysis on renewable energy jobs and skills, and the risks plaguing the flow of investment into renewable energy in India is extremely valuable for the sector and for ISA’s mission.

    Upendra Tripathy

    Interim Director General, International Solar Alliance

  • CEEW is working with us as a strategic knowledge partner as we work to unleash attractive finance to meet India’s ambitious renewable energy target.

    K S Popli

    Chairman, IREDA

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