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Power Sector

Power Sector

The power sector team supports the clean energy transition in India by examining and promoting the operational, financial, and environmental sustainability throughout the value chain of the electricity sector.

On the supply side, the team examines the economic and environmental impacts of thermal generation assets, the role of thermal generation in a renewable-rich scenario, and the integration of renewables into power systems.

On the distribution side, the team closely works with power distribution companies, regulatory bodies, civil society groups, and consumers to improve the billing and collection efficiency, optimise power procurement practices, improve targeting of subsidies, and support tariff and institutional reforms.

On the consumption side, the team is tracking the changing consumption patterns and behaviours through real-time monitoring and survey exercises, to design and scale-up interventions for demand-side management.

A key focus of the work is to improve data quality and accessibility pertaining to the sector. In February 2018, The Council set up its first project office in Lucknow to support the state's power sector reforms.

  • Rs 86,135 crore

    Cost of Meeting Air Pollution Standards in the Coal-fired Electricity Sector
    Source: CEEW-IISD, 2019
  • Rs 1,10,391 crore

    Aggregate all India electricity subsidy requirement in FY 2018-19
    Source: PFC, 2020
  • Rs 85,803 crore

    Aggregate losses for distribution utilities in FY 2018-19
    Source: PFC, 2020
  • Research on retail tariffs for industrial and commercial sector stakeholders has long been ignored. This attempt by CEEW is appreciated and well taken.

    Balawant Joshi

    MD, Idam Infrastructure Advisory

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