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Aravind Harikumar

Aravind Harikumar

Research Analyst

At the Council, Aravind applies his background in economics for policy research, with a focus on sustainable mobility. Presently, he is involved in charting electrification action plans for transport fleets in city clusters, measuring impacts of public transport technology & expansion strategies and exploring alternative taxation methods to manage government revenue trade-off from EV transition.

Prior to joining the Council, Aravind worked for three years as a  multidisciplinary policy researcher at The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI), with a focus on sustainable mobility. He has also worked in rural Karnataka as a part of the Government of India’s mission to change the social behaviour of open defecation for a year. In his Master’s thesis, Aravind presented an evolutionary game theory model to theoretically assess the social dynamics of travel behaviour in a situation where every day, everyone chooses between a bus or a car.

Aravind holds a Master’s degree in economics from the TERI School of Advanced Studies, New Delhi and a Bachelor’s degree from St. Xavier’s College, Mumbai. His core research interests are at the intersection of behavioural economics, public policy, and sustainable mobility.

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