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Bhuvan Ravindran

Bhuvan Ravindran

Research Analyst

A lawyer by profession, Bhuvan works as a Research Analyst on Climate and Cooling Negotiations at The Council. His work is focused at implementation of the Kigali Amendment to the Montreal Protocol via the India Cooling Action Plan, in addition to research towards the Conference of Parties under the Paris Agreement.

Prior to joining the Council, Bhuvan practiced civil litigation and handled cases relating to illegal mining, protection of biodiversity, forest encroachment, environmental impact assessment and waste management before the Hon’ble National Green Tribunal and the Delhi High Court. He has actively led and participated in efforts to protect wildlife, and believes that mainstreaming biodiversity conservation in policy-making and achieving a ‘Net-Zero’ loss of ecosystems hereon is key to reversing climate change.

Bhuvan holds a B.A.L.L.B. degree from Amity Law School Delhi, I.P. University. In his dissertation, he worked on establishing a direct linkage between how an improved education about environmental laws can increase compliance. He staunchly believes that accomplishing the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals by 2030 is the most important global endeavor in human history. He also feels that SDGs are the key to re-directing our relationship with nature towards harmony and sustainability. Bhuvan seeks to pursue a career in public policy and climate diplomacy, where he can advance dialogue and create solutions centered at preserving the dignity of life.

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