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Kangkanika Neog

Kangkanika Neog

Programme Associate

Kangkanika is a Programme Associate at The Council, focusing on water-energy-food nexus, policy coherence and climate adaptation. She is an experienced water policy professional with a background in sustainable water management and governance. With over eight years of experience at CEEW and as an independent consultant, she has researched topics such as agriculture water management, urban water management, particularly the circular economy of wastewater, policy coherence, water conflicts vulnerability and irrigation governance. Most recently, she led research on climate adaptive water management in agriculture with the Sustainable Food Systems team at The Council. She has contributed to several research projects and published in leading journals and newspapers. She has also presented in several forums and participated in panel discussions.

Kangkanika holds a Master's in Environmental Studies and Resource Management from TERI School of Advanced Studies. She received the INSPIRE scholarship from the Department of Science and Technology, Government of India. She also holds an undergraduate degree with honours in Chemistry from Miranda House, University of Delhi.

Kangkanika was closely involved in establishing the Women in Sustainability initiative at The Council and served as its co-chair for over two years.

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    Calm as clear, deep water, Kangkanika is a source of much inspiration and hope. Her appreciation for the arts, passion for gender empowerment, and enthusiasm to be an agent of change, makes her an integral and beloved part of the CEEW team.


    Aakanksha Varma

    Former Communications Consultant