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Saurabh Tripathi

Saurabh Tripathi

Research Analyst

Saurabh joined The Council in May 2017 and focuses on policy research for clean cooking energy access and household electrification in India. He is currently developing a national roadmap for clean cooking energy for India and analysing The Council’s primary data on household energy access from six states in India.

His research interests lie in pursuing hypotheses that provoke discussion. He is particularly drawn to behavioural development economics, as he likes to understand why people think as they do and do what they do, and how they respond to incentives or disincentives.

Saurabh holds an M.Sc. in Economic Development and Policy Analysis, and a BA (Hons) in Economics, both from the University of Nottingham. While at university, he interned with the United Nations Office for REDD+ Coordination in Indonesia and the Grameen Bank in Bangladesh.

He loves to watch and dwell on films that provoke strong emotions in him and rarely misses a chance to spot the funny side of things. His favourite thing is to travel. His second-favourite thing is to plan to travel.

  • 41matches of AC milan watched in 2016-17
  • 4phones lost
  • 197countries he can name
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    Maybe self-improvement isn't the answer, maybe self-destruction is the answer.


    Chuck Palahniuk

    What Others say


    Saurabh would love for people to think he’s a big misanthrope, but he’s one of the most thoughtful and kind people at CEEW. His presence is essential to most philosophical discussions and his contributions are, often invaluable.


    Sahil Khillan

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