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Kapardhi Bharadwaj

Kapardhi Bharadwaj

Programme Associate

Kapardhi is a public policy researcher working on the transitions in India’s power sector. His research is centered on the belief that self-sustaining power is crucial to drive forward development in the country. He is currently working on a project on power sector reforms in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh, which includes managing the Power Sector team based out of The Council’s Lucknow office. He is working with sector experts, consumer activists, and civil society in the state to design a framework for a sector that is accountable to all invested stakeholders.

Kapardhi spends his time floating around The Council’s focus areas on Renewable Energy, Energy Access, and Risks and Adaptation, working on issues that intersect with the Power Sector. He is building a roadmap to ensure the timely installation of emissions control equipment in India’s coal-based power plants, analysing the impact of electric vehicles on Delhi’s electricity distribution network, and examining the integration of renewable energy into India’s power systems.

Kapardhi believes that different states, with their different dynamics, bring with them unique opportunities to drive change, and achieving a real transition in the Indian power sector involves working with state governments and other state entities.

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