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Tanushree Ganguly

Tanushree Ganguly

Programme Lead

Tanushree is an air quality researcher who is working on developing a data-driven approach towards clean air policy making in India. At The Council, her work focuses on assessing the potential of alternative methods of monitoring air quality and understanding and addressing the current regulatory hurdles in effective implementation of clean air policies.

Prior to joining The Council, she worked with the Centre for Science and Environment where she helped develop clean air action plans for the non-attainment cities of Andhra Pradesh. During her brief professional stint as an air quality consultant for an environmental consulting firm in California, she estimated the potential health risk stemming from construction and operation of over 20 proposed land use development projects.

Tanushree has a Masters in Environmental Engineering from Georgia Institute of Technology and is a certified Engineer-in-training under California law.

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    A dance enthusiast, ailurophile, cinephile and more importantly fun-loving are words that spell out Tanushree. With a blend of intelligence, creativity and sincerity, she infuses clarity and deeper insights into her work.


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